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Feedback: Your Hidden Power To Proactively Kill SaaS Churn

Feedback: Your Hidden Power To Proactively Kill SaaS Churn


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  • Gathering feedback is one of the most powerful, yet often underutilized tools to reduce your customer churn.
  • The best way to gauge customer satisfaction is to gather feedback directly from your user base. 
  • If you don’t regularly seek customer feedback, you won’t understand wh...

If you connect with customers at the point of cancellation, using a short survey and open-ended questions, you can hone in on why they churned. 

If you run these surveys for every churning customer, you’ll start to see patterns emerge. You’ll begin uncovering insights for the following key ...

In any business, there are always shortcomings and areas for improvement. If SaaS leaders choose to ignore this and don’t listen to the voice of the customer they serve, they’re likely ignoring the problems that their customers are experiencing. These issues can continue to manifest and increase ...

The very process of asking people their opinions can induce them to form judgments that otherwise wouldn’t occur to them.

These so-called measurement-induced judgments can influence later behavior of a customer, as it positively impacts their perception about the company.

Feedback insights based on customer segmentation offer unique perspectives:

  • Recently Churned Customers
  • High Lifetime Value Customers
  • High Engaged Customers
  • Disengaged Customers

  • During Customer Onboarding
  • During the offboarding process, when customers decide to churn.
  • Inside the app, while the customer is using the product.
  • A quarterly check-in.

  1. Start reactivation campaigns after making notable improvements using the feedback.
  2. Start upselling and cross selling campaigns.
  3. Build a more informed help center.



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