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How to Maintain Profitability in a Changing Market

How to Maintain Profitability in a Changing Market


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Disruption Is Inevitable

Looking at the example of Uber, which upended the taxi services a few years ago, your business is not safe even if you are already making nice profits and the future looks bright.

After all, even protected monopolies eventually get disrupted. What you need is to make sure you can stay prof...

The key to profitability is to recognize what businesses are and do from the perspective of the whole economy. Businesses formulate strategies to position themselves with respect to each other and thereby earn profits. So the economic context matters, because it is within the economy that you run...

Profits are rewards for a job well-done. But to maintain profitability, your sight must be set to facilitate future value. After all, the line of production that you’re considering today will not be instantaneously available to your customers.

The value they get from the goods and service...

The key to profitability is to imagine how you are contributing to making consumers better off.

In our advanced economy, with two-thirds of all spending being business-to-business (B2B), your customer may not be the consumer. But the consumer is the user of the final produ...

To stay profitable over time, look beyond your customer and consider your contribution to the value of the final product. Even if your customer does not recognize it, you should meet the opportunity and innovate to offer your customer an upper hand.

If you make your customers thrive, your ...



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