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Credit management is my biggest lesson for the past 24 months. I personally lost $6, 000 to a client in Malta because of a lack of good business credit management on my part. I don't want you to make the same mistake.


Lessons about Business credit management

Lessons about Business credit management



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Savvy credit management

Every credit policy tells you what your company will do if a customer doesn't make a payment on time. It also tells you what process you have for doing that. You have to have a credit policy because it affects your cash flow and the risk of loss if customers do not pay.

Establish credit limits

Having credit limits in place will fundamentally help your business in two ways.

  1. It establishes clear rules for you and for your customer
  2. Credit limits work as a protection for you and your business.

Please check the credit rating of your customers before you extend them credit. If you don't, you'll be in for some nasty surprises. Your customers will be in the habit of not paying their bills on time and if you don't find this out on time you're going to have wasted a lot of money.

The person's job is to make sure invoices are sent on time and follow through on aligning your credit management strategy with every customer interaction. You need someone responsible for making sure the money is paid to your business.

Credit terms should be set by the supplier in agreement with the customer, because there are many limitations involved when a buying organization decides to set their own credit policies.

This is a credit sales agreement and should include the terms and conditions of credit sales between a creditor and a customer. This document, once signed by both parties, sets out the agreed credit terms in accordance with the law and may also be referred to as a 'credit sales agreement.'

Getting paid within 30 days of invoice date is the goal as defined in most small business cash flow management systems. Late payments can have a series of negative effects. For example, late payments may increase the risk of bankruptcy or insolvency, which normally lead to a loss of a contract an...

  • The type of customer,
  • The size and financial strength of the buyer,
  • The supplier's operating cycle,
  • Seasonality,
  • Payment history,
  • Supplier's profit margin

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These ideas help to understand why credit cards remain a popular means of payment despite being a form of debt.



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As companies continue to expand globally and new payment methods are created, there is an increasing need for a new generation of “financial operations” (FinOps) to help businesses manage their money.



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