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How to show off those coveted soft skills when applying for jobs

How to show off those coveted soft skills when applying for jobs


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The Skills Employers Want

What do employers want most from job candidates today? Interpersonal soft skills, like strong communication and collaboration, top the list.

As digital transformation and automation sweep virtually every industry, employers have filled many entry-level technical tasks with software. Now, ...

With the current labor shortage, employers are also thinking more about longevity and seeking employees who will grow with the company and possibly move into leadership positions to lead and mentor others—responsibilities that require a high level of interpersonal expertise.

Some of these...

You might not be able to demonstrate soft skills on a résumé, but you can list a certificate or accreditation that shows your commitment to keeping those skills sharp.

If employers are looking for candidates who can grow and evolve with the company, they’ll also appreciate seeing your app...

User story-mapping is another skill you can learn online that demonstrates high interpersonal expertise.

Managers and staff use this process to study, understand, define, and ultimately amplify the user experience for their products and services. It’s about understanding the customer, whi...

A challenging yet common occurrence in many interviews is going into autopilot and answering each question like you’re reading it off a script. People get nervous, want to make sure they say the right things, and don’t want to seem unprofessional. It’s a natural behavior, but interviewers won’t w...

Recording yourself answering interview questions is also a great way to practice getting out of autopilot mode for interviews.

Many things you might not notice in the moment, like facial expressions and hand gestures, you can catch on video and even out to ensure that you make a lively and...

  • Situation: Set the stage for the story by sharing context around the situation or challenge you faced.
  • Task: Describe your responsibility or role in the situation or challenge. In other words, discuss the goal or task set out for you.

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