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Show off coveted soft skills when applying for jobs

Show off coveted soft skills when applying for jobs


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What do employers want most from job candidates today?

Strong communication and teamwork are at the top of the list of interpersonal soft skills. Employers have filled many entry-level technical responsibilities with software as digital transformation and automation sweep practically every industry.

Employees that can work well in a team, solv...

Committed To Continuous Improvement

Although you may not be able to exhibit soft skills on a résumé, you might include a certificate or accreditation that demonstrates your commitment to maintaining those skills.

Employers will appreciate seeing your desire to learn and improve if they're searching for employees who can grow...

Record Yourself Answering Interview Questions

Going into autopilot and answering each question as if you were reading it from a script is a difficult but common event in many interviews.

People become apprehensive because they want to make sure they say the proper things and avoid appearing unprofessional.

It's a normal reactio...

Tell your story with the “S.T.A.R.” method

The STAR technique is a narrative strategy that begins with a discussion of the issue's context and obstacles, the task or responsibility one held in the circumstance or in overcoming the difficulty, the action they did to solve the situation, and the outcomes.

The action and results will ...

Final Words

Demonstrating soft skills in the job search has never been easy, and it's more difficult than ever now, given the virtual nature of the world and the predominance of remote interviews.

Employers are looking for employees who can help their companies develop and expand in the future, theref...

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