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How to optimize change management in the digital workplace - Pendo Blog

How to optimize change management in the digital workplace - Pendo Blog

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Change management

Change management

The abrupt change in our personal lives or at work can leave us feeling anxious. To smooth the transition, people need the right preparation and guidance. 

Change management gives employees the tools and resources to adapt to change better and feel comfortable in the process.


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Be wary of "going with your gut"

Change management involves guiding an organisation from a current state to a different future state. However, the current state is often not well understood, whether app usage, workflows, or employee behaviour.

Some managers may be tempted to assume employees behave in a certain way based on the documented process teams should follow. Then a change roadmap is built on the faulty assumptions and is bound to cause problems. 

Effective change managers plan how employees do their work. They know what's actually happening.


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Don't be afraid to retire apps

Many companies may introduce new tools too quickly or add too many into the mix at once. This could lead to duplicative apps and licenses and cause tech costs to become out of control.

IT shouldn't be afraid to audit the company's existing app usage and retire apps that do not create value.

  • What was the problem the app was designed to solve?
  • Is it still an issue for the company?
  • Are there more comprehensive apps the company currently pays for that can serve the purpose?


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Retain your best talent during M&A

Change management is essential during mergers and acquisitions. If employees feel overwhelmed by the pace of change or puzzled by the integration of systems, they may leave.

Change managers should be deliberate about planning integrations and base their strategy on the same fundamentals:

  • Looking into the data
  • Not assuming work happens in a particular way
  • Design change around how employees actually behave.


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