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Acharya Sushruta: Father of Surgery

Acharya Sushruta: Father of Surgery


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5. Acharya Sushruta

Sushruta, or Suśruta was an ancient Indian physician and surgeon known today as the “Father of Surgery” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” or "father of brain surgery" for inventing and developing surgical procedures.

Father Of Surgery Sushruta

Sushruta Samhita is said to be the most comprehensive treatise written on surgical practice. The modern surgery is also said to be developed from the basics provided by Sushruta. Therefore Sushruta is considered to be the ‘Father of the Surgery’ . High regards and respects go to Sushruta...

Some specialties of Sushrut Samhita–

Insistence on theoretical and practical perfection – Sushruta Samhita insists on comprehensive and extensive learning of both theoretical and practical aspects of medical profession, especially surgical knowledge if one needs to...

Earlier anatomy and dissection – In Shusruta Samhita, Shareera Sthana (section which deals with anatomy of human body) it is mentioned that dissection of the dead body was conducted at first by Acharya Sushruta. It is stated that every medical student should also conduct dissection of dead body t...

This knowledge of anatomy enabled Sushruta to document every minute detail of theorgans, tissues, blood vessels, nerves,bones and joints etc, with reference to theirstructure, quantity, shape, size, capacity, location and dimensions

This knowledge was thought to be mandatory for becoming a ...

Shusruta insists that the surgical procedures like incision, excision, suturing etc should not be practiced on the human body at the first attempt. He opines that these procedures should be first practiced thoroughly on props like flowers, fruits, toys etc during the course of learning the opera...

Basti karma – Therapeutic enema is a speciality treatment of Ayurveda which is an ultimate remedy for Vata disorders and provides cure for many psycho-somatic disorders. Sushrutha emphasises that prior to performing ‘Vasti Karma’ one should have a perfect practi...

Sushruta’s Rhinoplasty –

Sushruth was very popular for having conducted many Rhinoplasty’s (plastic surgery performed on the nose) successfully. Its origin is dedicated to Ayurveda, mainly Sushruth. The modern day Rhinoplasty is developed from Sushruta’s Rhinoplasty. All replacement operations which use...

Sushruta Samhita was originally composed and written by Acharya Sushruta. In a later period Acharya Nagarjuna redacted it.

The original Sushruta Samhita comprises of 120 chapters. These chapters are distributed in 5 divisions as mentioned below:Sutra Sthana Deals with fundamental principles...

Apart from the basic fundamentals of Ayurveda, Sutra Sthana also deals with topics including – preliminary preparations for surgery, various types of surgical instruments, use of kshara (alkalis), agni (fire cauterization), jalouka (leech application), daha karma (cauterization), collection and p...

Deals with fundamental principles of Ayurveda covered in 46 chapters. Apart from the basic fundamentals of Ayurveda, Sutra Sthana also deals with topics including – preliminary preparations for surgery, various types of surgical instruments, use of kshara (alkalis), agni ...

Shareera Sthana–Deals with embryology and anatomy covered in 10 chapters.

Chikitsa Sthana–Deals with principles of treatment of various diseases andPanchakarma techniques of treatment covered in 40 chapters

Kalpa Sthana

Salient features of Sushruta Samhita –

Surgery–Sushruta Samhita is an excellent reference for anatomy and surgery,unparalleled

Theory of creation–The concept of Srishti Utpattti Krama(theory of cosmic evolution) resembles the concep...

creation of life.

The intervention of superior agent in the form of atma (soul or life element)is necessary.

Sex determination on the basis of shape of the zygote (garbha) – Sushruta gives an opinion that the foetus (garbha) takes a recognizable shape in the 2nd month of pregnancy. V...

Life and Death are Functions of Time.

Tridosha Theory or Humoral theory of Ayurveda – has been dealt in detail with special reference to physiological, pathological and therapeutic aspects.
Nidra – Different types of nidra (sleep) and swapna (dreams) have been dealt in detail
Kala – The important of K...

Sushruta emphasised on the perfection on surgical methods. He pressed on the need of practical training in a complete way to make a good surgeon out of a doctor. He tells that only theoretical knowledge of surgery is not enough. In spite of having a good hold on surgical theory, one has...

  • Excisions (chedana) shall be practised on fruits and vegetables like alabu (cucumber, gourd etc)
  • Incisions (bhedana) should be practised on the urinary bladders and internal organs of dead animals, leather bags etc.
  • Scraping (lekhana) should be practised on the animal skin co...

Sushruta was also known as a medical authority in Tibetan literature.

Sushruta considered surgery the first and foremost branch of medicine and stated that surgery has the superior advantage of producing instantaneous effects by means of surgical instruments and appliances and hence is the ...

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I remember once my ears began to lose hearing, and was told by the doctor that my eardrum was concaved inward. Nowadays I realize that Ultrasound was the more efficient and productive form to ruin my hearing. Ultrasound can be localized, is outta range by audibility, and can also be used for 3D imaging. Ultrasound can also be used for many other things since it has the ability to beamform and cause force, which is how they guide anesthesia or any other methods of delivery. It can be used to heat things as well.



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India is a vast land brimming with talented and creative people of diverse backgrounds. There are many wonderful things India has introduced to the world. From 0 to the world's first university, from Snakes & Ladders to shampoo, India has been quite the Santa Claus.



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