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Build a testing framework

Build a testing framework

A reproducible testing process is more valuable than any one idea.

All things equal, a team with more shots at bat will win against a team with an audacious vision.

Also, make sure you have enough data points (people, content, downloads etc.) for your tests to be conclusive.


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Increase exposure on other platforms

Increase exposure on other platforms

Habit formation requires recurring organic exposure on other networks.

After people install your app, they need to see your content elsewhere to remind them that your app exists (e.g., Instagram photos on Facebook, TikTok videos on Instagram).


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Create positive feedback loops

Create positive feedback loops

Positive feedback loops are necessary to reach "escape velocity".

One heuristic I've aimed for is for each app session to trigger 7 new people to open your app. The engagement loops on Tinder and Snapchat demonstrate how these loops can create explosive engagement.


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