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Find a way to eventually work for yourself

Find a way to eventually work for yourself


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Work on your internal state

When you become wealthy, you'll realise that you were not really looking for it in the first place. You're still the same person. If you're happy, you're happy. If you're unhappy, you will still be unhappy. 

Most importantly, you can't buy a fit body, a calm mind, and a house filled with lo...

If there was a quick way to get rich, it's already been exploited. If someone is selling you a get rich quick schemes such as crypto or an online business or seminar, that's often their scheme to get rich by making money off you.

If anyone is giving advice on how to...

Find out what is unique to you that you're good at and apply leverage. Ask if what you do is authentic to you. And then, ask if you are productising it. Are you scaling it with labour or capital or code or media?

So, making money is not a skill. It is who you are, done a million tim...

  • People often don't understand what specific knowledge is or how to get it. 
  • People don't understand what accountability consists of. It means you have to be willing to fail publicly. You have to let people criticise you.
  • Don't refuse to do th...

Anybody who wants to be entrepreneurial and wants to reliably improve their ability to create wealth is patient and looking at it from a long-term view.

Pay attention to who is getting leverage off of the work you're doing. Look who's above you and above th...

Discover what you're good at

You generally will do better in a smaller organisation as you will have more accountability and your work will be more visible. You're likely to try different things, which can help you discover what you're uniquely good at. 

The long-term goal is to work for ourselves. Peo...

Everyone has a personal moral code. When you are in business long enough, you'll realise that much of it is about trust. You don't want to reevaluate every discussion or continually look over your shoulder. 

When you are ethical, you'll attract other long-t...

Envy can motivate you to find the right thing. If you're doing work that you don't like, envy can motivate you to find something better.

But it can also eat you if you let it follow you your entire life.

A principal is an owner. An agent is an employee.

The principal's incentives differ from the agent's incentives. The business owner wants what's best for the business and what will make the business successful. The agent wants what will look good to the principal or make th...

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