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Work as hard as you can have two meanings

Work as hard as you can have two meanings

  1. If you're an employee or in a lifestyle business, your aim is not to get wealthy but to have a job, family and life.
  2. However, the founder, who works very hard, aims for something different. They are working towards the gold medal and trying to build a multi-billion dollar company. They have to get everything right, have great judgement, find the right team.

But working hard is only one of three parts. The other parts are what you work on, and who you work with. Shortchanging on any of these three will lead to difficulties.


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Work with purpose

Ensure that you work with the best people possible. Pick the people with the highest intelligence, energy and integrity. When you've set your bar, raise it. 

People don't consistently work 80 to 120 hours a week. They sprint for that long when they feel inspired, then take long breaks, reassess, and try again.  That is because inspiration is short-lived. When inspiration strikes, use it.


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Impatience with actions, patience with results

When you have to do something, get it done. Do them as quickly as you can and with full focus. Then, be patient with the results. You likely dealing with complex systems and a number of people. It takes time for people to get comfortable working together.

When there is a problem, don't rest until a resolution has started. 


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Don't do meetings without an agenda

Networking is important early in your career. You'll desire to "do coffee" and build relationships. But later in your career, you have more things coming at you than what you have time for. 

This makes it vital to ruthlessly cut meetings. First, see if a simple text would suffice. If a meeting is necessary, then keep it short.

People will want to meet with you if you have something important or valuable to offer. When you meet people, it will be because you developed a reputation and a unique point of view.


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Working for the long-term

If you want to get paid, you want to be the best at whatever you do. It can be niche. For example, Oprah gets paid for being Oprah. Keep changing what you do until you can use your specific knowledge, skillset, position, capabilities and interests to be number one.

Don't compete because you will compete over things that are not worth it. Instead, be authentic. Specialise in being you. Nobody can compete with you when you build or market things that's an extension of who you are and where you can find a product-market fit.


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It takes time

When you've applied your specific knowledge, judgment, accountability, and reading, you'll eventually get what you deserve.  

Everyone wants to make money quickly. But it doesn't work. You have to put in the time. You have to put yourself in that position with your specific knowledge, accountability, beverage and skillset and enjoy it and keep on doing it.

The outcome will be how much leverage you can apply to your specific knowledge, how you can improve, h many times your judgement is right, and how accountable you are for the outcome.


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Make up your own mind

Most advice is what other people find helpful for them, but it may not apply to you. 

There is something you can learn, but you can't take their exact circumstance and apply it to yourself. If you get advice, decide if it is true in your context and figure out how you can apply it.

The most dangerous part of receiving advice is that the person won't be around when the advice doesn't apply to you anymore.


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