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Digital Twins, IOT and the Metaverse

Digital Twins, IOT and the Metaverse

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IOT & Metaverse

A scanned object, or building in some cases is not a digital twin, it’s a digital representation and static. It serves a purpose by populating the space and depending on the level of the scan will only be the exterior facing, or it will include the interior structure allowing you to fully traverse through it.


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Digital Twin & Metaverse

Pulling a digital twin into the metaverse not only allows you to recreate it in full with live data, you can place it into the rest of the rendered world where live data also is fed — meaning it will operate or behave exactly how it would in the real world. Want to model how a car’s characteristics would behave with the same conditions that are taking place right now (weather, population, other vehicles on the road) then you can in the metaverse.


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What is Metaverse?

“The metaverse is this digital world that lives alongside our physical one and allows us to live, work and play alongside each other. And digital twins are the foundations that the metaverse will be built on.”


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