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10 metaverse jobs that will exist by 2030

10 metaverse jobs that will exist by 2030



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Working in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a fully immersive digital world for all of us to live in. There is a strong chance that we'll soon have a working Metaverse. It will need many new technologies, protocols, companies, innovations, and discoveries to function. It will also need countless people to work in the count...

Metaverse Research Scientist

AR and VR research scientists already exist. As the Metaverse Research Scientist, you will need to build something wherein the entire world is visible and actionable digitally. Other cases will be built on this architecture, such as games, adverts, quality control in factories, connected health,...

Once we have a working Metaverse, it will be essential to plan and implement functionalities in to a fully virtual world and select the right things to do within this world.

The Metaverse Planner will drive a strategic portfolio of opportunities from proof-of-concept to deployment, meaning ...

Ecosystem Developer

An entire ecosystem will need to be built around the Metaverse - sensors, CPUs, GPUs, KYC processes, data-lakes, green electricity production, edge computing, laws, regulations.

The Ecosystem Developer will need to coordinate partners and governments to ensure that the various created funct...

The Metaverse will likely not be a safe place, similar to the internet today: privacy, ID verification, safe head-gear, adequate sensors. We'll need people who can provide guidance and oversight without sacrificing functionality or design.

An XR Safety Manager will have an Engineering d...

The Metaverse will be built on code and sensors, headsets, visual light, and depth cameras to help with tracking and mapping.

All this hardware that can connect you to the virtual world is expensive and complex. A Metaverse Hardware Builder will need to assemble it and adapt it as needed.

Metaverse Storyteller

Our reality experience will need great storylines from which one can learn great lessons.

The storyteller will design immersive quests for the users to explore the Metaverse with training scenarios, marketing opportunities for corporations, psychology sessions, etc.

The Metaverse ...

World Builder

We still need to imagine and create worlds once the basics are done. World builders will need to be forward-thinking. Much of what they dream won't exist as technology or product solutions. They'll also need to consider rules and ethics.

A World Builder will be a kind of warrior-poet an...

The Metaverse will probably run on intrusive ads, just like is happening on the internet. We'll want ad-blockers that will be able to spot adverts embedded within reality. They'll develop plug-ins that can stop adverts.

An Ad-Blocking Expert will need some coding knowledge and access to...

The things that can go wrong is endless: hacked avatars, NFT theft, biometric data leaks, hacked headsets. That is why we'll need Metaverse Cyber-Security Experts.

A Metaverse Cyber-security Expert will have a background in regular cyber-security and a law degree with an interest in Tec...

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