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Your dog fussing about food too much? Try rotational feeding! - The Daily Report

Your dog fussing about food too much? Try rotational feeding! - The Daily Report


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Are you giving your dog the exact same food day after day after day? It can not only lead to boredom but also limit the spectrum of nutrients and even increase their risk of food sensitivities. 

Rotational feeding is switching up your pup’s menu on a regular basis to broaden their palate an...

Keeps your dog excited

Dogs often become fussy about their food when they get bored with it.

Boredom can also make them eat non-food items like dirt or garbage, which could be dangerous. 


There are a plethora of microorganisms in your little furball’s gut that are helping him digest his food properly. 

So, when you change up your pet’s diet and include different types of foods containing fiber and probiotics, you increase their longevity.

Rotational feeding means your fur baby will be able to take in a wide range of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Moreover, a varied diet reduces the risk of your dog developing food sensitivities later in life. 

For our dog Abby, we switch between chicken and eggs on a regular basis. We do two boiled eggs in her dinner for two days and then a palmful of chicken for the next two days. This goes on for six days of the week, and then we skip the protein altogether on Sunday to give her tummy a little break....

Going completely grain-free is never advised unless your dog is allergic to grains. We switch between red rice, white rice, and ragi flour for a grain-inclusive meal. We do boiled veggies and yogurt for a grain-free meal. 

We keep things interesting for our dog by providing an assortment of different textures at mealtime. We give her dry kibble 1-2 times a week and home-cooked food the rest of the days. When we

Here is a general timetable to transition your dog’s diet: 

  • Day 1: Replace 25% of the old food with the new food. (Ex. – Swap only the protein)
  • Day 3: Replace 50% of the old food with the new food. (Ex. – Swap the grain for veggies)
  • Day 5: Replace 75% of the old food...

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I'm a dog mom who loves to keep her pet's health in check and help other pet parents do the same.



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If you are looking to start a diet while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s not difficult.



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