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Five Characteristics of People With High Existential Intelligence

Five Characteristics of People With High Existential Intelligence


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One of their most characteristic features is that they’re concerned about philosophical and transcendental questions. For instance, where do we come from? Why are we alive? What lies beyond death?

These kinds of questions occupy their minds much of the time. Furthermore, th...

They’re able to go beyond the physical senses to explain themselves and understand the world around them.

In addition, they have a great ability to see the big picture in any situation. For this reason, they make good advisers, have the ability to solve problems and find so...

They generally move away from traits such as selfishness or self-centeredness, violence, and conflict. In fact, they’reusually conciliatory, peaceful, respectful, and supportive individuals.

In addition, they tend to show great interest in the society around them and defen...

It’s common for people with high existential intelligence to show disinterest in certain habitual social practices such as consumerism and the normalized type of leisure in society today. On the contrary, they usually use their time to achieve an integral development of their own being.

These people areextremely curious. They also have a high capacity for abstraction. This constantly leads them to search for answers. In addition, they’re more open to diversity and tend to ask the whys and wherefores of things.

In short, their sense of transcendenc...

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