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The Metaverse Explained Part 4: Challenges | Loup

The Metaverse Explained Part 4: Challenges | Loup

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The Impact Of Technology

The Impact Of Technology

All technologies have the potential for good and evil, useful and harmful.

The science-fiction depiction of the Metaverse in Ready Player One showed that a virtual world enables your wildest dreams on-demand while the real world decays because the virtual one is so much better.

A survey uncovered some fears of people, such as:

  • Leaving reality behind
  • Health concerns
  • Technological feasibility
  • World building - who will "own" the Metaverse?


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Leaving Reality Behind

Leaving Reality Behind

When large portions of humanity are spending time working, playing and connecting in the Metaverse, it will be reasonable to assume we would spend the same amount of time as we do now on our phones, computers and TV.

Later, when virtual reality is indistinguishable from the real world, societies will do everything in virtual reality except for eating, sleeping and using the restroom.

Virtual reality will enable anyone to stay connected, even if they are physically far apart.


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Health Concerns

Health Concerns

If our virtual avatars can look however we want and can do anything we want, why would we spend time living healthy?

For the foreseeable future, our physical bodies will be used more than today since we will be moving around more in VR instead of looking at a screen and using our fingers.

The other side is mental health. People may spend more time in the Metaverse to escape their real-world responsibilities. Online bullying can also be a problem.


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Technological Feasibility

The Metaverse is in many ways the next phase of the World Wide Web, from 2D to 3D.

The network facilitating the Metaverse's functionality will need massive upgrades on hardware and software fronts and require significant investments from large and smaller tech companies.


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World Building

World Building

We don't know who will "own" the Metaverse, if anyone.

Most companies will build their own worlds, experiences, shops, etc. While it might be decentralised like the internet, there is a probability that governments will not allow this form of monopoly unless creators can develop a socially acceptable governance structure.

It will take time for developers to learn about best practices as a consistent experience will be vital across worlds.


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