Initial DEX offering (IDO): A beginner's guide on launching a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange - Deepstash
Initial DEX offering (IDO): A beginner's guide on launching a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange

Initial DEX offering (IDO): A beginner's guide on launching a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange

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IDOs as an upgrade of ICOs

The maturation of the cryptocurrency industry as a whole has led to the creation of the initial DEX offering (IDO), one of many creative fundraising approaches. But the first fundraising approach in crypto was the initial coin offering (ICO), which in 2017 generated a lot of ill will. It also turned many early investors into overnight millionaires.

An ICO is an unregulated approach to crowdsourcing funds from retail investors. The main challenges with ICOs concerned the lack of control and investor protections. Without any control mechanisms, project teams were not subject to any due diligence.


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What is an initial DEX offering?

An initial DEX offering (IDO) is a fundraising approach that pools investment capital from retail investors. The IDO was created to compensate for the shortcomings of the "traditional" ICO crypto crowdfunding model. Because an IDO works with a DEX, as opposed to a centralized exchange, DEXs can be thought of as decentralized liquidity exchanges.

IDOs are the newest model for crypto projects looking to raise funds from investors.

DEXs are less scalable. It's not uncommon for ICOs and IEOs to be able to raise more than $1 billion. For DEXs, this is unheard of.


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How to launch an IDO

How to launch an IDO

This section covers how users can launch their IDOs in a step-by-step fashion. To launch a successful IDO, users must also learn how to create a cryptocurrency.


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Step 1: Devise a business strategy

Plan the token offering to be released over a DEX by creating a strategy that makes sense. The strategy should include the challenge the project aims to resolve, fund allocation, which blockchain the project will run on, the general marketing strategy and how to spearhead the project post-IDO and maintain that momentum.  


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Step 2: Create marketing collateral

At the very least, marketing collateral for an IDO launch includes a website and a white paper . A well-branded website that is visually pleasing can do wonders for investor confidence.

A great white paper, in contrast, enhances investors' experience with specificity and facts. Doing so moves the investor closer down the pipeline. 

The purpose of a white paper is to sell by educating, which is why there is no hard-sell copy in the white paper, itself. Instead, the white paper presents statistical data, diagrams, tables and so on.


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Step 3: Visit a DEX launchpad

If the project meets the platform’s requirements (typically consensus and whitelisting), an IDO will be approved.


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Step 4: Create the cryptocurrency

The process for launching a cryptocurrency has become straightforward. Users might be able to discern from CoinTool that it doesn’t take much time at all. 

The difficulty isn’t in the token generation. Pretty much anyone can figure out how to make a cryptocurrency. The challenge is in convincing investors to put their money behind the project by discerning real-world value and utility. 

Upon successful completion of the IDO and Token Generation Event (TGE), the DEX lists the token for trading. Listing occurs via an automated market maker (AMM) like Sushiswap or PancakeSwap. 


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The DeFi space has experienced rapid proliferation in recent years. However, even popular DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap have struggled to provide liquidity compared to their centralized counterparts like Binance. DEXs also tend to come with a much steeper learning curve. Too steep a learning curve can intimidate potential investors, especially those who are new to crypto.


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Reading this article gives me all kind of red flags, beware, it seems to be a hard sell on IDOs argumented by the prospect o earning money instead of technical information and value.

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