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Five design trends set to visually shape 2022

Five design trends set to visually shape 2022


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Material You Design

Material You signals a radical new way to think about design for the entire tech industry. Material You explores a more humanistic approach to design, celebrating the tension between design sensibility and personal preference, and not shying away from emotion.

2022 Design Trends: Motion Design

We’ve been seeing motion everywhere: flickering typography swooshes that mutate until it comes together to form the name of a brand that wants to reflect its dynamism; squishy shapes wiggle and buoyant logos bob to hint at a devil-may-care, cheerful personality.

In 2022, motion cannot be an...

The 90s Are Back: Retro Age In 2022

This trend points at an understated intention of moving away from the hi-def, ‘perfect’ image, a sentiment that perhaps is rooted in the recent renaissance of film photography. This style feels new although it’s old. This drive to create an imperfect image definitely has something to do with the ...

Gooey Blobs and Liquids in 3D Art

There is something about amorphous, squidgy blobs and shiny liquids in 3D and digital art that seemed very on-trend over the past year. Sugar-coloured, cushiony structures popped up 

A Nostalgic Resurgence

Techniques and ideas born in the 1890s, and seen again in the heady years of the late 90s, became recurring themes across commercial and personal projects. 

With misty gradients and grainy, tactile textures, the aesthetic pull of the medium was hard to escape: one cursory scroll on Instagr...

Intense, Retina-searing Colours

If there ever was a visual riposte to uncertain, challenging times that manifested through the reflective microcosm that is the world of design, then the recent rise in the use of dramatic, eye-searing colours was definitely it. Intense gradients and blazing hues showed up across 

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