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Council Post: Eight Steps To Commit To Your Passion And Reach Your Goals

Council Post: Eight Steps To Commit To Your Passion And Reach Your Goals


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1. Aim For The Sky

It's important to avoid limiting beliefs about your life and what you can achieve. Each limiting belief you have restricts your freedom and makes it that much harder to make your dreams a reality.

Set your goals higher than what you think you can achieve. You can do so much...

2. Never Let It Go

Once you find your passion, never let it go. You have to take steps every day to reach your desired outcome.

Life always has a way of getting in your way if you let it. Something will come up at the last minute that might stop you from taking steps toward your life's mission, but you don't ...

3. Listen To You, Not Others

Many people look to external sources to find where they should turn or what they should do. The problem with that approach is that nobody cares about you or what you want as much as you do. Even those who care might not understand you or your dreams in the same way that you do.


4. Understand That There Will Be Challenges 

Getting what you want in life is not always what you think it means. You're likely to encounter many setbacks and challenges along the way toward reaching your goals, and you must remind yourself not to give up.

Each setback can make it harder to keep moving forward. If you promise...

5. Always Refine Yourself

If you keep chasing what you thought you wanted instead of reconsidering your goals, you may never find what you really need to have a happy life. Keep asking yourself what you want, and alter your plan accordingly. If you want something different, change your goals and prioritize your needs.

6. Focus On The Big Picture

Staying focused on what you want is not always easy. The roadblocks that get in your way make it hard to stay on track, and you may have trouble meeting your needs and reaching the outcome for which you have been hoping.

Focus on the big picture when your road gets difficult.

7. Inspire Others

If you ever find it hard to inspire yourself, take some time to inspire other people. You might be surprised by what happens when you find ways to inspire others to reach their goals.

Many people find that they forget some of the important life lessons they learned along the way. If you tea...

8. Stay Motivated

Your motivation will come and go over time. Staying on track can be harder if you lack the motivation to keep pushing yourself forward. Maintaining motivation is easier when you keep a list of all the reasons you want to reach your goals. By focusing on all the ...

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