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Busting the learning styles myth: Why learning generalists perform best

Busting the learning styles myth: Why learning generalists perform best



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Key Takeaways

  • A large percentage of the population believe they were born with an innate learning style. 
  • Studies show no evidence for learning styles, and many researchers fear they may discourage proven educational practices. 
  • People, especially children, are learning generalists who sho...

The Neuromyth Of Learning Styles

A prevalent neuromyth is that of “learning styles.”

According to this belief, people can be classified by how they learn best and should concentrate their educational efforts in that mode. If someone is an auditory learner, the idea goes, she’ll master a subject or skill faster and more ef...

The Elements of Learning Style

There is a grain of truth to the myth. Namely, people do differ in their abilities and preferences. The VARK learning model, for example, classifies people as either visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic (hands-on) learners. Each method is part of the learning process...

Recent studies found no supporting evidence that learning was enhanced by a slavish dedication to a student’s learning style

In fact, despite broad acceptance, studies continued to show no benefit to a learning-style approach. As 

Busting The Learning Style Myth

Why then does the learning styles myth survive despite the evidence and experts’ red-faced arguments? Because like all neuromyths, it tells us something we want to believe.

The classic music myth gives worried parents a sense of control. The 10-percent myth tells us we’re secretly super-ge...

A Multi-Style Approach To Learning

People prefer brain-based accounts of behaviour, and they like to categorize people into types. Learning styles allow people to do both of those things.

It may also tie into common misconceptions of success.

Success is complicated. It requires the right mixture of education, resources...

Take The Generalist Approach

Engage with subjects in as many material ways as possible. Read, converse, seek out examples, get hands-on, and experiment. While we may have preferences, we should also challenge ourselves to try new methods and re-engage with less-favoured ones. 

Each style is its own “genre” and ...

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