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Hiding your personality

Hiding your personality

When many of us start writing, we hide our personality. As a result, our writing becomes weak. Here’s why:

  • We care too much about what other people might think. We’re trying to impress. Especially when we’re writing for specific readers, like potential employers or publishers.
  • We compare ourselves with writers we admire. We try to emulate others too much.
  • We lack confidence in our writing. So we try to hide behind fancy words and jargon.
  • We’re used to writing under industry formats, like academic or legal writing, that after some time we forget our personal voice.


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Read your writing out loud

Don’t just read it in your mind. Actually speak the words. 

Does it sound like you? If it doesn’t, you probably will stumble when you’re trying to read it out loud.

When we truly listen to what we’ve written, we detect what’s wrong or weak with our writing. We can point out which words, sentences, and statements sound unnatural or forced or pretentious.

Because that’s what unique writing is all about: Writing that sounds like you.


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Don’t try too hard

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and miss the bigger picture. We tend to use words we think people want to see. Or try to sound smarter and more impressive.

This happens when we’re afraid that people won’t understand or appreciate what we’re saying. But over-explaining rarely works. And in the long run, that’s unsustainable because it makes you despise writing.


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