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My job is ‘just a job’ — and that’s totally fine

My job is ‘just a job’ — and that’s totally fine


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It's Just A Job

It’s okay to think of your job as “just a job.” It’s still important to do it well, but there’s no harm in thinking of it the way the dictionary does:

  • “a regular remunerative position”;
  • “something that has to be done,” like grocery shopping or filling up your car’s gas tank;

Use Your Job to Learn New Skills

If your work provides resources for learning and development, use them.

  • Learn skills that will increase your pay.
  • Learn skills for personal fulfilment.
  • Learn skills to switch roles. Find someone at work who has the role that you want, and reach out to them to learn more...

Use Your Job For The Benefits Package

If your employer provides benefits, max them out as much as possible. Whatever form they take, you’ve earned them. If a store clerk was giving you $5 in change, would you refuse that?

Sometimes those benefits might not be flashy, but you can still use them to your advantage. It could be a f...

Use Your Job To Build Relationships

When you spend 40 hours a week with other humans, you’re bound to develop some kind of relationship with one or more of them (hopefully positive ones?). You don’t have to be interested in becoming lifelong friends with your coworkers, but there’s at least value in networking with them.

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