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As a freelancer, you have no boss, no mentor, and you make all your own decisions about what work gets done, and when it gets done. This can be great for some people, but it's hard on others who need structure in their lives.


The 6 Things Freelancers Are Not Good At | Concept Blogger

The 6 Things Freelancers Are Not Good At | Concept Blogger


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The 6 Things Freelancers Are Not Good At

Freelancing is often seen as a way to break free of the constraints of 9-5 jobs. However, there are also disadvantages that come along with this lifestyle. Here are seven things freelancers are not good at.

A freelancer will always struggle with decision-making regarding certain aspects like building good clientele, personal marketing, pricing the services, setting the right priorities and deadlines.

Freelancers tend to be good at what they do but find it hard to build a good relationship with clients. They can spend hours perfecting the project for clients but will struggle to set aside a few minutes and talk with clients to build their relationship.

Freelancers find it hard to consistently deal with client change requests. They struggle to find that balance point where they don't end up doing a lot of work for free and can still keep clients happy with the result.

Freelancers always find it hard to balance client work and personal marketing. Most of their day goes into client work, and the remaining few hours go to their personal life. Striking the right balance in client work and self-promotion has always been a struggle for freelancers.

Freelancers always find saying NO to clients complicated. They are so used to always thinking about what's best for the client that it becomes difficult to say no because of the fear of offending, upsetting, or losing the work. But it's a necessary part of the job, so you need to learn how to do ...

As Freelancers, we are bound to work with all types of clients; some will be a pleasure to work with, some will be like your best friend, and some will make you feel like you are working in hell. Still, we would struggle to fire these bad clients because of overthinking, fear of losing work, and ...

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