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Jeff Bezos and his 2-Pizza Rule

Jeff Bezos and his 2-Pizza Rule


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2-Pizza rule

The 2 pizza rule is a guideline for deciding how many attendees should be invited to a meeting.

According to the rule, every meeting should be small enough that attendees could be fed with two large pizzas.

Secret of productive meeting

This is also known as the two pizza team concept, and the science behind it has even been confirmed by Stanford University.

They discovered in their research that the most productive meetings have 7 ± 2 participants.

According to the Stanford study

  • Meetings with over 9 attendees are unproductive, as friction grows in proportion to the increase in participant numbers.
  • However, in meetings with under 5 people, you run the risk of the participants falling into groupthink. This means people in...

  • Members of over-sized groups tend to lose respect for the meetings. They prepare less in advance and start to take a more passive -even resigned – role.
  • The bigger the group, the lower an individual‘s expectation that her involvement will be noticed.

This is the start o...

 Think before you invite!

  • Who actually needs to be there?
  • Who would just be twiddling his thumbs?
  • Who can provide a unique perspective?
  • Who won’t offer anything new?...

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