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The 4 Types of Mentors You Need In Your Career | Breakroom Buddha

The 4 Types of Mentors You Need In Your Career | Breakroom Buddha

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1| A Traditional Mentor

1| A Traditional Mentor

A mentor is someone that you can go to, to get advice on personal and professional matters.

They often give you advice based on things that they’ve seen or experienced themselves, but they never give you the answer to the problem that you’re facing. That’s up to you to figure out!


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2| A Coach

2| A Coach

Someone who is a coach might feel or act like a career or life coach.

They don’t have to classify themselves as a coach, but their role in your life will be similar. They make you think and work!

You normally lean on coaches to help you:

  • reach a specific goal
  • obtain new skills
  • complete a project.

If needed, they can offer expertise and advice, but everything that they do should tie back to that larger goal that you’re trying to reach.


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3| A Sponsor

3| A Sponsor

Sponsors are the perfect blend of a mentor and a coach.

They have the influence and power to help you get to where you’re trying to go, and they actively work to open doors for you as well.

They often serve as an advocate and speak your name in rooms that you’re not yet invited to. This person can also be your own personal cheerleader. Work hard to find a sponsor who is well connected and excellent at networking as well!


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4| An Accountability Buddy

4| An Accountability Buddy

Sometimes you just need someone near who’s going through the exact same thing you’re going through. The best type of accountability buddies are those who are your peers!

You can choose buddies who:

  • are currently going through the job search, 
  • work in the industry that you’re interested in
  • attended your university or high school

Or you can go in a completely different direction. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding friends or accountability buddies.


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Navigating your career can be tough. These are the 4 types of people you need in your corner to get you through!

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