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I can attest to these tips on surviving a reading slump!


8 Ways To Get Out Of A Reading Slump - Lifehack

8 Ways To Get Out Of A Reading Slump - Lifehack



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One Book At A Time

Don’t be a greedy reader.

Try focusing on one syory at a time. Avoid switching to another book if you had a rough patch on your current read.

If you’re no longer enjoying reading it, don’t feel guilty of abandoning it. There is no book police roaming around anyways 😉

Find anoth...

Go Offline And Schedule Reading Time

Internet is the single biggest procastinating tool nowadays. You might want to have a quick browse in Facebook and suddenly, five hours have passed.

Set an internet-free time and use that time to reconnect with reading. You’ll find pleasure in the page when you step away fro...

Try The “Classics”

Maybe you liked a particular author that made you started reading in the first place? Or a certain story may have been stuck with you even you already finished the book.

Revisit an old favorite book to rediscover the magic. Even it has to be a book from your childhood.

Hang Out In A Bookstore

You can set an hour or two and go head to your nearest bookstore and don’t forget to grab your favorite cup of coffee.

Wander around, look for their best read for the month and chat to the bookstore employees on what they’re reading.

Being surrounded by books can be a shortcut from e...

Have A “Reading Buddy

Sometimes, a little company in reading can be a cure on your slump.

Go join some book clubs or team up with a friend and talk about a book together.

See A ‘Book-To-Movie’ Adaptations

Watching a movie then reading the book where the story was based from and then comparing the storyline and details is a good cure on reading slump.

If you are extra committed, you can read the boon BEFORE seeing the movie.

Try Audiobooks

Audio readers can be a great alternative if you are struggling to enjoy reading but you miss to be around books or if you are having a lot of things to do on your plate.

Trying audiobooks is perfect while doing mundane tasks. 👍

Genre Hopping

If it is getting stale and the feeling of little too familiar, why not try a new genre?

Variety is the spice of life. So don’t be afraid to put it also in reading!

Experiment on recommendations from friends and family.

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