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Time, Space and Our Planet Earth


The mind-bending art of deep time

The mind-bending art of deep time


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Deep Time

The concept of deep time was coined by a geologist in the 18th century as a counterpoint to the contemporary belief that Earth was only thousands of years old (it is now believed to be roughly 4.5 billion years old).

The term describes the history of the Earth over a time span of millions o...

Art: Looking At The Solar Eclipses Together

Can we connect to deep time via sensory experience? 

This artwork, called “Totality,” brings together nearly every solar eclipse documented by humankind in a mirror ball. Over 10,000 images reflect the progression of a solar eclipse. Their light surrounds us, and we can feel mesmerized.

Art: The Fossil Necklace

The journey we humans have been on to arrive right here is nothing short of a miracle. “Fossil Necklace” is a string of worlds made of the material of life itself. Each bead is carved from ancient fossils and strung geological epoch by epoch. The beads chart major moments in Earth’s history. The ...

The Dying Trees

Every day we walk past trees, but do we stop to think that they are our cousins? We share so many of our genes with trees, and forests give us our breath. We created a sculpture made of every tree type on Earth. This is “Hollow.” Designed with architects Zeller & Moye, it brings together over 10,...

Our Bodies Are Made Of Stars

Every single atom in our bodies was formed in a star billions of years ago. The remnants of stars make up all of us. Our vision was to gather every dying star across the universe and make a map. The result: over 27,000 supernova, stellar black holes and gamma-ray bursts shimmer as pinpoints of al...

The Future Library Project

How do we speak to unborn people? How do we build a bridge across time? We proposed a library of the future: a forest, a room, 100 authors and 100 years. It started in 2014. On the outskirts of Oslo, we planted a thousand baby Spruce trees. When they’re fully grown, they’re going to be cut and ma...

Deep Time: 100 Years Are Not Much

Why does connecting to deep time matter to us all? Shortsightedness may be the greatest threat to humanity. To be human is to understand that we’re part of a long continuum. Let’s embrace our cosmic context, respect our origins and hold our future close.

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This book is a result of an exhaustive study undertaken by the Gallup organization involving 80,000 managers across a large number of industries exploring the concepts of employee satisfaction, selecting and maintaining good employees, and means of measuring employee satisfaction. The approach was revolutionary when published (1999) and has become a business classic because it challenged the status quo.



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