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This book will equip you with simple and effective ideas to learn a language.

Fluent Forever

Fluent Forever

by Gabriel Wyner


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The three keys to language learning

  • Learn pronunciation first.
  • Don't translate.
  • Use spaced repetition systems.

Five principles of memory

  • Make memories more memorable. Make foreign words more memorable by learning the sound system of your language, then connect those sounds to images, then connect those images to your past experiences.
  • Maximize laziness. Don't do rote repetition. Study...

Train your ears, mouth and eyes

  • Ears. Your brain is hardwired to ignore the differences between foreign sounds. Train your brain to listen to similar-sounding words, such as niece and knees.
  • Mouth. Improve your accent by using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Learn the po...

Learning only a thousand words can help you recognize almost 75 percent of what you read

  • Learn 625 words from word frequency lists. Each language has its own list.
  • Use games to create deep multi-sensory memories for words.

Game 1: Spot the...

All language learning follows the same pattern: We go from simple sentences (doggie jump), we change their forms, -ing forms(doggie jumping) to irregular past (birdies went). Then regular past tense verbs (doggie jumped) and present tense in third person (Daddy eats).

To make senten...

Learn with language games

  • Start with the top 1000 words in your new language.
  • Add keywords based on your interests.
  • Use a thematic vocabulary book.
  • Use Google Images to find quality example sentences and pictures for your words.
  • Write example sentences and definitions, get them correct...

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We all want to be sucessful in our lives. Learning is the single most important way to get ahead in life. This book helped me seeing learning in a whole new light.



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