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Boomers getting hit financially leaving more stress on housing market and economy


Baby boomers are moving in together to save money

Baby boomers are moving in together to save money


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Golden Girls Re-invented

Jodi Raffa has been searching for a roommate for over a year. Her husband passed away five years ago, and compounding her loss was a 75 percent reduction in her household income.

The 76-year-old lives in a sunny three-bedroom, two-bathroom home overlooking a lake in a 55-and-over community ...

Single Boomers Struggle Finance Not Emotional Support

In an 1987 interview with NPR, the late Betty White noted that the four women who lived together in “The Golden Girls” did so for social reasons rather than financial necessity. “All that I think we have accomplished is to show that there is an alternative lifestyle,” White told “

Where They Are Now

Four decades later, the idea of housemates late into adulthood is experiencing a revival, but with financial factors front and center. As boomers live longer and retire without the financial safety net of employer-sponsored pensions, covering the rising costs of food, housing and insurance become...

Trends Appeared Long Before COVID

Even before the pandemic, demographics were shifting toward nonfamily households. In 1960, 85 percent of households were composed of families, according ...

Inspiring New Businesses

The growing interest in home sharing, especially for those boomers who are house-rich and cash-poor in expensive housing markets, is being cultivated by nonprofit and commercial programs as well as municipalities. Since 2015, New York, Seattle, Denver, Tucson, Northern California and the metro Wa...



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