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Daylight saving time: Explaining the century-old debate

Daylight saving time: Explaining the century-old debate


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When and why did daylight saving time begin?

  • In 1775, Benjamin Franklin raised the idea of getting up earlier to make better use of daylight and avoid nighttime burning of candles
  • Around the turn of the 20th century, George Hudson of New Zealand and William Willett of England separately pitched summertime clock changes, each se...

Where is daylight saving time observed?

  • Most of the United States spends 34 weeks, or about seven months, from mid-March to mid-November, on standard time.
  • Around the world, most of North America, Europe, and New Zealand as well as some parts of the Middle East, South Africa, and Australia practice a biannual ...

Twice-yearly switching- Changing the clocks twice a year has become widely viewed by the public, lawmakers and sleep experts as not only an inconvenience, but also as a serious health and public safety concern.

Daylight saving time - While the original purp...

The last time the U.S. tried permanent daylight saving time was in 1974

  • Most Americans had to go to work and school in the dark, with sunrise arriving around 8:30 a.m. in cities including Washington, D.C., New York, and Detroit.
  • Disapproval of the switch grew when multiple children were fatally struck by cars while headed to school in dark.
  • By la...

  • More than 60 percent of Americans are in favor of stopping the biannual switch
  • Of the people who want to eliminate the shift, nearly twice as many prefer permanent daylight saving time over standard time
  • The poll found that older adults expressed a clear preference for year-r...



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