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We rarely question our own moral compass. But do we really know what shapes it?


Your Moral Compass Could Be Brocken

Your Moral Compass Could Be Brocken


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What makes morality unique is that a lot of times, people experience a moral judgment as a flash of intuition or feeling, good or bad. But underneath that feeling is complex moral psychological structure.

We think that our morals are steadfast, as if they were set i...

Moral cognition depends hugely on context, so if someone tells us about a person who helped a stranger, we would say they're much better than the person who helped their brother. But if that someone told us about a person who helped the stranger instead of their brother, we wouldn't thin...

We may say adultery is wrong, but if it's a friend who we know well, who had a troubled marriage, maybe we're more forgiving. We say stealing is wrong, but we might be more understanding of our favorite politician when they're caught lining their pockets. We do this all the time....

Morality has evolved with our species because of humans' practical and psychological need for social bonds, but even early human societies began codifying a morality into laws and norms that were meant to be applied universally.

The evolutionary origin of morality is coordination or...

Back in evolutionary time, we didn't interact with others across the world; only with the people in our family, the people that we could see. It's because of that that we have developed these sorts of biases that have to do with social distance: we think that the harm that is being done u...

When we examine the moral judgments of others, it's tempting to think that we live in different worlds, but there's only one. The challenge today is that our social contexts are far more global and complicated, so can our sense of tribal morality evolve to encompass people outsid...

We're all connected in some way. Between any two people in the world, there's some common value or experience. Finding that commonality could be the best path towards a more morally-consistent world.

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