3 Strategies That Helped Me Develop 13 Streams of Income - Deepstash
3 Strategies That Helped Me Develop 13 Streams of Income

3 Strategies That Helped Me Develop 13 Streams of Income

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Benefits of creating multiple streams of income

A common trait among self-made millionaires is their ability to create multiple income streams.

Multiple income streams help to diverse revenue, withstand economic downturns and expand visibility.


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Identify passive income offers

Find the gaps of your current service offerings.

If you have an entry-level offer and a high-level offer, consider if you can build something in between that can be developed to meet the needs of those in between your two offers.


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Market your offers

It can take a lot of time and energy to cold message. Therefore, it is vital to look within your current audience, find their pain points, and develop a solution that directly addresses the pain points. It will provide you with a built-in customer base.


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Develop business offerings without using more time

How to identify where you can find revenue opportunities.

  • Conduct a brain dump
  • Categorise your responses,
  • Compile a SWOT Analysis
  • Create actionable steps.

Instead of just adding more to your plate, it is a way to streamline current operations, automating and introducing options to meet your clients where they're at.


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