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Why you should share all your failures in a rejection résumé

Why you should share all your failures in a rejection résumé


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Why you should share all your failures in a rejection résumé

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Rejection Resume: A Primer

We all fail, and failure can result in some of the greatest lessons. But would you share those failures with potential employers?

You do just that by writing a “rejection resume.”

Most people tell themselves not to think about the negative things in life. When we talk about Elon Musk and other successful people, we talk about the ways they’ve succeeded. But they’ve all had failures, too. It’s okay to fail. You can learn from your mistakes and rebound.

Rejection and failure are never perfect, but they are perfectly aligned with your story.


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How To Write A Rejection Resume

From the time you started applying to colleges, you’ve likely had some successes and failures, so can easily start jotting them down creating a résumé from it.

Start just like a regular résumé. State your objectives or your purpose. Write down how many courses you failed, how many schools rejected you, how many times you were fired from a job, and how many jobs you didn’t get.

You will have a good solid résumé of your trials and tribulations.


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How To Use Your Rejection Resume

Your rejection résumé can be a compass when plan A doesn’t work. When you jot it down and have documented proof that your original plans don’t work, you can cultivate some alternatives. You may decide being an employee for certain jobs or organizations is not working out. Or you may want to become an entrepreneur. Try to decipher what you could have done differently.

While you can keep this information to yourself, sharing your rejection résumé by posting it on LinkedIn as a unique way to build a network and potentially field new job offers.


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What People See In A Rejection Resume

When people post their struggles, it often resonates with a lot of others. It says, ‘Here are the jobs and organizations that have rejected me, but I’m still here. I’m still optimistic about my future.’

If your connections or followers on LinkedIn relate to your story, perhaps it may go viral. You could have offers coming from the same organizations that have rejected you.


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