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3 things to understand about curation in learning

3 things to understand about curation in learning



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Information overload

There is a growing concern that the vast amount of information generated on the web cause overwhelm, much like drinking from a fire hose. The information is rushing past us in such volume that we struggle to engage with it.

In his book "Here comes everybody", Clay Shirky wr...

Since the start of human information recording, we've been shifting, selecting, organising and presenting information to give it meaning and clarity.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, said the principal functions of the internet should

  • allow anyone to access an...

Many people use tagging and RSS feed to identify content related to a topic to make internet content easier to find.

But Shirky's research found that this type of tagging worsens the situation, as so much relevant information was identified that individuals could not pay at...

Two types of information overload

Situational overload: This is analogous to the needle in a haystack problem. You need a specific piece of information, but it is buried in a mass of other information. Online search engines and other filtering tools like email and Twitter can help most of the time, but only if in...

The biggest problem with information overload

The biggest problem with information overload is that information doesn't arrive at regular times, it just comes all the time. If you don't pay attention to it, you run the risk of missing critical or relevant information.

Social media has made people feel they must take notice of everythin...

Robin Good, who initially harnessed the idea of curation for social digital media marketing purposes, describes information delivered by search engines as "fast food".

It is useful if you are not concerned with quality, but if you desire quality, you need a curation site or...

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The true purpose, motivation and rewards behind searching, collecting, adding value and sharing great collections of information.



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A curator can also help society better understand what art NFTs are, and provide insight into an individual work's value and meaning within the context of this historic art movement. Here are a few ways they will play a role in shaping the shaping of the crypto art scene.



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