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Understanding Content Curation – A Refresh

Understanding Content Curation – A Refresh

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Content curation

Content curation

Content curation is a valuable skill in the field of education.

When the focus is on student curation, it produces powerful learning. Practising content curation also aligns with the skills needed for the workforce.


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Personal connection

Students who are given a choice in selecting a topic for curating are more likely to engage deeply in learning, provided you offer a broad range of topics and allow the student the flexibility to take the curation project in a direction they personally connect with.

This starts to resemble passion-based learning.


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Sharing and authentic feedback

Students can select a topic of most interest to them, and then use a blog to share their curation work.

Crucially, students need the teacher to provide feedback and comments daily on the student blogs through the life of the project so that students know their voice was being heard.

The need to share and seek feedback adds more depth to understanding and helps to make new connections.


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A museum curator describes the process of curating as "cherry-pick." Many of the items are left in the archives because not all the items are needed to tell the story the museum curator wants to tell.

It is the same in content curation. When we curate, we cherry-pick the items that best tell the story we have in mind. We arrange the content in such a way to tell that story. That is why a blog or a curation tool that provides the ability to arrange, write, and reflect on the curated content is essential.


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