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The job of the manager

The job of the manager

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Why does a manager manage?

Why does a manager manage?

A manager responsibilities gravitate between 2 areas:

Develop people: Managers motivated by developing people want you to do the best work of your career. They regularly check in on how you are doing and care a great deal about team and company culture, and your role in it. They’re a personal cheerleader.

Deliver outcomes: Managers motivated by delivering outcomes want you to drive excellent work to completion. They regularly check in on the status of your projects and care a great deal about the quality, progress, and outcomes of the work, and your role in it. They’re a personal work catalyst.


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What brings a manager pride?

What brings a manager pride?

Craft: Managers who value craft want u to do spectacular, work. Craft-focused managers seek a combination of pixel-perfection and innovation. They’ll obsess over the details. These types of managers are often experts themselves who may have moved into a management role to multiply their impact. 

Machinery: Managers who value machinery believe that how things get done is just as important as what gets done. They seek to build well-oiled machines and processes that are working. Often, managers who take pride in machinery are professional managers more than they are practitioners.


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How does a manager bring work to you?

How does a manager bring work to you?

Assigns tasks: Managers who assign tasks share tightly-scoped workstreams and expect you to accomplish those workstreams to spec as efficiently as possible. Micromanagers. At their best, managers who assign tasks roll up their sleeves, dive into the work with you, and teach you a ton along the way. 

Assigns goals: Managers who assign goals share the problem statement and expect you to come up with the tactics that will provide the best solution most efficiently. It’s up to you to investigate potential solutions, prioritize workstreams, take the work to completion, and share results.


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What does a manager manage?

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