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Do We Need To Read The News

Do We Need To Read The News

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The Role Of News In Our Lives

The Role Of News In Our Lives

We are used to thinking of what we call the news as a tool that can help us to vanquish ignorance: we will, thanks to its updates, properly understand what is going on and where importance lies.

But if we examine the role of this phenomenon with greater scepticism, we may find that it is as responsible for blinding us to ourselves as for introducing us to the complexities of so-called reality.


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News Disconnects Us From Ourselves

News Disconnects Us From Ourselves

At its core, the news is opposed to introspection. It doesn't want us to know ourselves better and compulsively disconnects our emotions from their true but often hard-to-grasp targets.

While pretending to inform us about the state of the world, the news has become a formidable instrument of self-forgetting.

We would surely be made to feel untenably odd if we decided - as really we should - that we were from now on going to check the news only once a week, and the rest of the time devote ourselves to exploring the contents of our soul via meditative reflection.


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