How conventions are used in legal communication of information - iPleaders - Deepstash
How conventions are used in legal communication of information - iPleaders

How conventions are used in legal communication of information - iPleaders


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How conventions are used in legal communication of information - iPleaders

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I just want to aware u guys for one thing that is our law !!!!

Law is soo difficult because our or other country thinks that language should be use hard. If we use big words or a sentence which makes the speech heavier they think it will make us look soo good and they feel they are educated but i feel noo...they are wrong!!


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I feel they are wrong because if we think about we should also know that as we r getting opportunities of education some people are not getting i think there is a language barrier in it and i feel communication should be easy instead of being hard .


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To show there education?

They give because they want to share something, they want to aware us related something etc. So why they can't do this in a simple language.

So everyone around the world can understand what politicians want. There are some law which is not known by anyone.....when we tell them that this kind of law exists.

Communication is the act of giving, receiving, and sharing information -- in other words, talking or writing, and listening or reading. Good communicators listen carefully, speak or write clearly, and respect different opinions.


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The key to successful, rewarding practice is good communication skills. In the legal world, one needs to communicate well with the lawyers, the staff, the partners, the associates, the clients and the vendors. A good communication skill not only boosts confidence in oneself but also helps the clients and other people to understand the language of law in a better manner. The more one master’s good communication skills the more the practice becomes enjoyable because if the communication is understandable the client or other people are likely to trust more.


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Meaning of convention

The term convention is something which people use nowadays to refer to punctuations, spelling and grammar. Sometimes conventions can also be referred to as a handwriting and computer formatting. Earlier “conventions” were also called “mechanics” but this is not the case anymore because communicating correctly involves a lot of human thought and it is hardly a “mechanical” process. There are actually no rules of writing, instead, there are agreements between different people in society regarding how to interpret the written communication when it is read.


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These so -called rules were officially accepted in the 18th and 19th -century era and they are still evolving today. There can be an endless debate on the topic if a piece of article is correctly written or not. Even if a person thinks that a piece of something, he or she has written, is correct, there could be possible chances of mistakes that another may find in the same. So the question, if something is correct or incorrect, depends on who is doing the considering and the correcting. 


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Different Aspects Of Convention

1. One should think about tools, not rules.

2. How many sentences must be in a paragraph.

3. Correctness.

4. Conventional wisdom.


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Skills required for great communication

1. Verbal communication

2. Good listening

3. Sound counsel

4. Openess

5. curiosity

6. Value

7. Persuasion


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Importance of convention in legal writing?what Is Legal Writing?

Writing is said to be good if the piece of writing accomplishes the writer’s purpose behind writing the document.

Good writing must be clear

It must be concise

It must be engaging.

Apart from the above basic principles that apply even to the known legal right things, there are some important guidelines for legal writing specifically:

1. The importance of grammar .

2. Acknowledging source.

3. Basic rule.

4. Abbreviations ..

5. Legal terminologies .

6. Power of language.


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# I'm happy but not because of u but for my self!😒😆😆😆


Communication should be easy to understand!!!