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In the morden chaotic world full of constant changes and forever hustle, unlearning has become much more useful and necessary to thrive and make a mark. No matter what you're doing in life, it will become a necessity - now or in the near future.


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  • When you remove something from your memory, you lose it and never think about it again and eventually it fades away from your mind leaving space for new, important information – that is unlearning.
  • Living in today’s day and age, it is a necessary skill to have.

  • People need to develop unlearning to move forward and carry society forward side by side, to have better work ethic and overall have a new, fresh outlook towards all aspects of life.
  • The concept of unlearning forces the mind to constantly learn, re-learn and discard old learnings ; k...

  • It isn’t necessarily important that everything you learnt or the skills you developed in the past have to be useful to you in the present or in the foreseeable future.
  • Unlearning is all about removing the unimportant/useless skills/information from your mind and clearing up space for...

  • If you’re someone who likes to constantly change things up, especially when it comes to professions and/or hobbies or if you’re simply looking into jobs, unlearning can be a great skill to have as many new, up-and-coming businesses and workspaces prefer having employees who can manage many s...

1) seeking new knowledge

When you make the decision to develop unlearning in your skill set, it would mean you have found previous knowledge/skills inadequate to help you hustle through some important tasks and projects or maybe you simply wish to make room in your head for...

Another way to gather more information and learning more .

Build the habit of going outside of your social circle and meet new people and try to start intelligent, insightful conversations.

Try to talk to people having the same interests as you to learn more about yo...

It is very easy to be in our own bubble of comfort and enjoy the safety of everything that we know. But to develop unlearning, one must venture out of this comfort zone .

If you can, travel and experience different places, cultures and people. Or simply make bold choices i...

When you experience new people and places, you clear your head of useless clutter in your mind.

It’s the best thing because relearning allows you to use those new experiences and process them in your mind to update your existing knowledge about something or learn new thin...

  • Instead of completely flipping your life around and making drastic, dramatic changes, start off slow. Make small changes in your life to replace previous habits/tasks and work your way up to more difficult tasks.
  • To begin unlearning you need to learn that your past tactics won’t be u...

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