Vera Rubin: The power of evidence-based visual thinking - Deepstash
Vera Rubin: The power of evidence-based visual thinking

Vera Rubin: The power of evidence-based visual thinking

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Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

Vera Rubin is responsible for discovering dark matter, which makes up 84% of the material that exists in the universe. Her approach to problem-solving and innovation holds many lessons for us today.

Visual thinking: Use various strategies to represent complicated problems or projects visually.


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How to Think Like Vera Rubin

How to Think Like Vera Rubin

Vera Rubin's thinking strategies include:

  • Practising visual thinking.
  • Trusting the evidence.
  • Seeing the bigger picture.
  • Focus on creating the most useful visuals.
  • Follow the evidence.
  • Look for factual information.
  • Analyze data from different perspectives.
  • Step up for others.


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