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How To Monetize Your Expertise: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself

How To Monetize Your Expertise: 6 Questions To Ask Yourself


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Monetize Your Expertise

To monetize your expertise you must get clear on what you know, its value, and who can benefit from it.

The following six questions will help you figure that out so you can create value for your customers, clients, and yourself.  

The Single Topic of Expertise that Is Your Focus

What single topic of expertise is your focus?

  • The more focused the expertise you choose to monetize, the easier it will be to do so.
  • Try completing this sentence: "I use my expertise to help people ______."
  • Boiling down your expertise to one sentence helps focu...

What Makes You Unique

What separates you from other experts in your field?

  • Come up with 3-5 unique things that separate you.
  • Unique traits few others have.
  • Unconventional beliefs about things like what makes a good social media consultant.
  • Experience building successful prod...

The People Who Need Your Expertise And Solutions

Who needs your expertise?

  • Lots of people have problems they don't realize are problems.
  • It's easier to sell to someone who seeks a solution than someone who doesn't know they need one.
  • Your answer to this question will determine your target audience so give it ...

Providing Real Value

How will your expertise change a person's life?

  • People buy things that provide value.
  • Figure out how your expertise will help people move from point A to B in their lives or careers.
  • Creative entrepreneurs who pay for your expertise go from wasting time, effort, and mon...

What's the best way to deliver your expertise?

  • Determine which delivery methods will most effectively package your expertise and format your product or service.
  • Consulting calls, e-books, videos, etc.
  • Figure out which delivery method your target audience will m...

Your Money Goals

What are your monetary goals?

  • Why do you want to monetize your expertise in the first place? Is it a secondary revenue stream?
  • How much do you need to make to justify the time and effort you put into it? And how quickly do we need to get to that level?

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