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Got inspired by an idea about types of luck and realised it also applies to knowledge

Luck & Knowledge

📖 take on Naval's 4 types of luck


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The smart people are also the lucky ones

Luck rarely just happens... You can cheat the odds through learning. 

There are different levels of luck based on how you seriously you treat your mind:

  1. Hope that luck finds you.
  2. Effort to get smarter so luck finds you.
  3. Sp...

You stay up to date with the news, scroll the feeds. Nothing proactive.

You are the mercy of the tech & media companies but somehow think you are better than them. Good luck!

You dedicate time & energy to develop your skills. You read books, go to courses etc. You take your life seriously and you get a (vague) sense it could be improved.

If you get better at the game of life, opportunity will seek you out. Luck favours the prepared.

You see take your education seriously & you are always looking for the insights in everything you are consuming (reading, watching, listening etc). You capture ideas and you reflect on them. 

You can cut the signal from the noise and this makes you sensitive to luck.

You have enough knowledge to be creative: connecting (or recognising relationships between) concepts. You generate new ideas and insights, and thus casting a web of magnets out into the world.

Those ideas will attract people to you. As your web grows, the connections—and luck—compou...

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