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This is the danger of playing it too safe at work

This is the danger of playing it too safe at work


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The Moonshot

In business, everyone wants to build or ride a rocket.

We talk in terms of “moonshots.” Rockets are a symbol of epic human progress. They’re designed to break free of gravity and launch us to new heights and to new worlds.

A rocket engine is just a containment chamber for a barely c...

Rare Breeds: Those Difficult But Creative People

If innovation is the lifeblood of any ambitious company, then the next wave of it demands leaders who are outliers, or at least willing to hire and wrangle those historically seen as difficult yet creative thinkers. 

So how can front-line managers, departmental VPs, and C-suite execs strike...

Hire with Clear, Strict Boundaries–and Equally Clear Rewards

These firecrackers commonly push against convention and carry provocative opinions. They’re not necessarily difficult people, but they do colour outside the lines. It’s essential to let them know where those lines are regarding conduct, courtesy, respect, and so on.

Iconoclasts bridle at the idea of having to conform to something like an across-the-board dress code. If you have a conventional set of rules and regulations for your organization, tear it up and rewrite it to be looser about things that don’t really matter that much, like attire. A great exa...

Create Zero-Consequence, Early-Stage Development Channels

Creative thinkers hate bringing their ideas to their superiors only to have them shot down out of ignorance. Instead, dedicate design, engineering, and other resources that allow Rare Breeds to begin developing their ideas on their own, without approval from higher-ups. That way, if the idea flop...

Get People Collaborating on Equal Terms

If there’s a signal trait common to all unconventional thinkers, it’s intelligence. Most have extraordinarily high IQs, and when you combine that with their native intensity, focus, or nerve, they can intimidate the more conventional personalities in an organization. Look for ways to engage teams...

Keep Them Clear of Customers

To be fair, hypnotic charisma can be a primary trait of this crew, making customers swoon. But in our experience, more of them are so focused on their visions, so obsessive about perfection, or so impatient with what they see as silly questions that they can come off as short-fused.


Courting “risky” people may seem counterintuitive, but so is stagnation.

Rare Breeds infuse organizations with bold thinking, and their ideas rocket those organizations into the stratosphere. Stop worrying about hiring people who will fit into your culture, and start looking for people...

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