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Commit to actions, not beliefs

Commit to actions, not beliefs
One of the patterns in work - and life - is the rhythm of thinking and doing, contemplation and action. Teams and companies that adaptively shift between these two operating modes accelerate learning with the result of being more resilient, agile and enduring. For leaders, this means lowering the barriers that tend to keep teams [...]


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Getting your team on board

The idea that we need everyone on board before taking action in the workplace prevents teams from shifting from 'discussion' to 'doing.'

'Doing' is often framed in terms of proving and performing. But if we frame 'doing' in terms of improving and learning, people will be less inclined to hold back and would be more comfortable to try something new.




Commit to Actions

Commit to Actions

Trying to get people "on board" means trying to get people to align their actions and behaviors, as well as change their mindset. Aiming to change their mindsets adds a burden that will delay progress.

It is better to simply commit actions. Don't try to convince dissenters and outliers that their thinking should change since the decision will still play out in the future. As long as they commit to the decision with their actions, it is enough.




Teams with clarity

...know exactly what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and who’s responsible.

Mostly, teams get clarity from leaders who are habitual about creating it. 


Clarity of Purpose

If you have clarity of purpose, everyone is on the same page when asked, “If we’re wildly successful, how will the world be different?”

Some of the best teams in the business today are those driven by a purpose connected to a vision for a more helpful, innovative, or thriving world. 

Clarity of plan

It provides the “how”:

  1. Spend a few days in focused planning with your team.
  2. Lay out the pillars that you believe will lead to success in your mission–your “master strategy.”
  3. Establish a set of measurable key results that you aim to achieve by specific dates, to support these pillars.
  4. Map out the big projects that your team will take on to achieve those key results, and then the specific tasks to achieve them. 

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The Blueprint Of We

Is a collaboration document and ongoing process used to mindfully custom design business and personal relationships. 

It captures what draws each individual to the situation, enab...


It provides a framework for a group to arrive at a shared decision around one direction. 

While many resources offer frameworks for brainstorming, divergence of thinking, and effectively whiteboarding, this is a framework and a method to make decision-making, and tough choices with a team, so that convergence happens.

The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT)

Cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement. 

The surveys provide the input you need to plan and manage your change initiatives, your cultural transformation programs, your diversity interventions, your talent management and leadership development initiatives, and your customer feedback. 

The goal of servant leadership

Successful leadership starts with an attitude of providing service to the goals and dreams of customers and colleagues.

The goal of servant leadership is to lead with integrity, honesty, a...

Servant leader's attitude

Instead of being a dictator and employees followers, a true servant leader serves the employees as well.

A leader makes sure each team member has the resources and support necessary to learn and grow.

Community Involvement

The servant leader concept emphasizes the importance of working for the benefit of the community at large.

This type of leader sees the bigger picture and creates products that improve the quality of life for customers.