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Bridgerton Real History & Historical Accuracy Explained

Bridgerton Real History & Historical Accuracy Explained


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When was the Regency era?

The Regency refers to the years between 1811–1820 in British history, when George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland, was incapacitated by illness. His son, also called George, assumed the throne in a regency. George III was still the king in name, his son ruled as Prince Re...

The Ton comes from the French phrase le bon ton, which roughly translates as “good manners” or “good taste”. It was the name given to elite society in the Regency period. During the early 19th-century, these were the values expected to be observed by members of the beau monde, or...

Who are the king and queen in Bridgerton?

The king and queen at the time Bridgerton is set are King George III and Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. However, George III is not the ruling monarch; his son is ruling Great Britain and Ireland as Prince Regent.

Prince Regent is not shown on-scre...

In Bridgerton, it is the job of Queen Charlotte to name a debutante as the pick of the social season, a so-called ‘diamond of the first water’.

While the phrase ‘diamond of the first water’ was never used to single out any one young woman who would top the season, it is tr...

Lady Whistledown’s scandal sheet underpins almost all the action in Bridgerton.

A key difference is that in the real scandal sheets and magazines of the day, the subjects of gossip would not have been named. Their identities might have been very loosely disguised; someone ...



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