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Doing Something Once Vs. Doing It Every Day

Doing Something Once Vs. Doing It Every Day


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Once Vs Everytime

  • Doing one good thing doesn’t necessarily mean you are a good person.
  • Reading one book doesn’t make you a reader.
  • Writing a page doesn’t make you a writer.
  • Making a sale...

Doing It Once And Having No Discipline

Focusing on the results alone without discipline leads to mediocre results in the future.

If your perception about exercising is that you should get fit fast, you won't last long in the gym.

Big corporations rely on our tendency to want quick results.

Doing Something Consistently

How you act in your lowest moments determines your highest moments.

The same is true for the things we do. We are programmed to do things that give us something in return.

However, with time, if you don't see results from your efforts, you may give up on your dream.

How To Keep Going Even When We Don’t See Results

  • Simple things work best to keep progressing.
  • Choose something you are genuinely interested in.
  • Break big goals into smaller ones.
  • Block toxic distractions.
  • Preserving a can-do attitude along the way.
  • Be part of a support group.

The ...

Staying sane and grounded on your idea until it succeeds is key to staying motivated and productive.

If you consume more information about the skill you want to master and associate yourself with people doing the same. You will eventually master what is that you want.

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