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It is easy to begin with a new goal every day, but this isn't easy to stick with it or to do it consistently. So this stash will help to overcome this problem.


Why It's So Hard to Stick to Your Goals (and How to Make it Easy)

Why It's So Hard to Stick to Your Goals (and How to Make it Easy)



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The Action-Intention Gap

Sometimes you do everything right—you make a plan, put in effort exactly how you intended to, and things still don’t work out.

Our projects flop and goals fail because we had some intention to do something, and we didn’t follow-up.

This is what I call the Action-Intention

How To Close Action-Intention Gap

Closing the Action-Intention Gap is a three steps process.

Step-1 Understand Your Intentions

The first reason people have an Action-Intention gap is that their intentions weren’t very clear to begin with.

If you aren’t even sure what you intended to do, how could you possibly stick with it?

If you want to achieve anything, it needs to start with being clear about what...

Step-2 Understand Yourself

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why did your goals fail in the past? What obstacles will get in the way and how can you work around them?

This will help you to connect your intentions with the kinds of things you can actually follow.

Step-3 Align Your Intentions

Your end-goal has two parts:

1) The first part, is that your intentions, if followed, should get you where you need to go.

2) The second part is that your intentions need to be engineered so that you can actually act on them.

Knowing yourself, and what things in your life, per...

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