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What Is Inspiration?

What Is Inspiration?

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In his book Peak, psychologist Anders Ericsson downplays the importance of native-born genius and emphasizes the importance of deliberate practice to perfect some skills.

However, after much-continued work and mastering technical skills, there are moments when the mind takes flight. We call this inspiration.


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Moments of inspiration

Moments of inspiration

Inspiration doesn't make sense when we think of it logically. Inspiration feels uncontrollable and irresistible.

When one becomes inspired, it feels like time changes its pace. The senses are amplified, and you may experience goosebumps or a feeling of being overawed by beauty. You may feel a burst of energy and an awareness of being capable of more than you thought.


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Inspiration comes in phases

According to Vladimir Nabokov, inspiration comes in phases.

  1. Prefatory glow is the feeling of wellbeing that removes awareness of physical discomfort.
  2. An instant vision or lighting bolt of inspiration that forms the nucleus of a work that will grow from it over a long period.


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Features of inspiration

  • Inspired work stands separate from normal life. Inspiration is not driven by money or status but the work itself takes hold of a person.
  • Inspiration is not earned. It is a gift.
  • Inspiration is not something you can control.
  • Inspiration is not controlled by one person. Inspiration has a tendency to raise a sense of possibility in others. In turn, the inspired person performs his own feats and inspires others.
  • Inspiration is fleeting and cannot be contained.
  • Inspiration demands a certain posture of awe and mystery.


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