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Confidence can make anything easier for us. We need to practice it in our daily life. Here's a simple discussion about how to build up confidence practically.

How I Became Confident (My Advice)

How I Became Confident (My Advice)

Lana Blakely


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How to be confident internally

Confidence is a broad topic. There are numerous tips, tricks, hacks about being confident or look confident. But being confident internally can help you the most in the long run.

Confidence isn’t saying, 'I know they will like me.' It's saying, 'I'll be fine even if they don't.


Be honest with yourself. Don't lie, try to evaluate your weakness and strengths. It can help you in the long run as you will know your weakness and try to work on that.

Work and invest on you

Confidence isnt produced by sitting around and thinking that 'I can, nothing is impossible'. We need to actually Be and Do. 

Finding comfort in discomfort.

We all know that there is no growth in the comfort zone. So, if you are not okay with the possibility of failing, embarrassing yourself, you will never take new opportunities. And then there is no way for you to get better at anything. And if you are not getting better at anything, you are most l...

Say 'No' To Comparisons With Others

Don't measure your confidence with external standards like your looks,clothes, etc. Real confidence always comes from inside.

Be Happy About Other's Success

Jealousy and insecurity from other people's progress is a great sign of lack of self confidence. So,next time don't forgate to congratulate others for their any kind of success.

Be Confident, Not Arrogant

There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. We need to know the differences and stop ourselves immediately if we're going towards the wrong side. Remember, no one likes arrogant persons regardless of their social status, popularity etc.

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