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The Podcasting Ecosystem

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The Podcasting Ecosystem

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How featured podcasts land that prime real estate

How featured podcasts land that prime real estate

The process is not arbitrary. The Spotify Podcast Editorial team are arbiters of the curated podcasts you see on Spotify and spend most of their time listening to and programming podcasts on the app.

The users will first see the Podcast homepage when they click "Podcasts" on the home screen of the Spotify app. This page shows Editor's Picks of the best episodes of the moment and trending categories.


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Purpose of the Podcast Editorial Team’s Curation

The curated resources are sufficient for old and new podcast listeners alike.

The goal is to find the best podcasts across all genres and formats and for all identities. They also serve as a source of inspiration for other talented creators.


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How the selection process works

How the selection process works

The podcast editorial team consists of voracious podcast consumers.

The team has different methods for finding podcasts to consider, including creator pitches, email newsletters, social media, networks and studios they follow, recommendations from their Content Partnerships team, word of mouth, and searching around the Spotify app itself.

Generally, the editor team is looking for creators and storytelling that can inspire listeners. They also take audio quality into account.


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Factors required in a podcast

  • Present a reason to keep listening
  • Both educate and entertain
  • Authenticity and inclusivity
  • Enlightens or challenges through compelling conversation
  • Consistent across theme and production value
  • Packed with twists and unexpected surprises
  • Personality-driven and/or have incredible host chemistry
  • Well-researched and include a range of voices, like news & politics, science, history.
  • Delivers a frictionless listening experience
  • Experimental in format, such as fiction, music, and comedy.

Not all will apply to every podcast. It depends on the genre or audience.


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How creators can get noticed by the Spotify Podcast Editorial Team

How creators can get noticed by the Spotify Podcast Editorial Team

Besides producing content that aligns with the criteria of the editorial team, the following are extra steps creators can take to get noticed:

  • Marketing and promotion will give creators an advantage. Social media such as Spotify Podcasts on Twitter, Instagram, and @Spotify on TikTok can help to get your word out.
  • Ensure your title is consistent and spend time on episode descriptions.
  • A podcast editorial submission form can give creators the opportunity to pitch their podcasts directly to the editorial team.


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Creators are always being considered

If your podcast hasn't been featured on a curated community-destination or playlist yet, it may fit in a later collection or curation.

  • The Spotify Podcast Editorial team is continually revisiting old and new podcasts. The editorial team knows that as creators do more, they continue developing and improving their skills and finding their audience.
  • Guest-curated podcast playlists offer another entry point to being featured within Spotify's podcast spaces.


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