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5 ways that you can help refugees

5 ways that you can help refugees



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The Refugee

Besides losing homes and leaving behind friends and family, refugees are forced to live without their support networks, their occupations and, very often, their native language. Their full, rich identities become reduced to a single word: Refugee.

Here’s how you can support...

Seek out The Wider Context

Not only does their suffering frequently go unacknowledged but, in some contexts, they are treated as if their fate is inevitable or somehow their fault. In fact, the largest displacement of people in the last two decades — 38 million people — happened as a result of War on Terror.

Reflect ...

Recognize that Refugees Are Humans, Just Like You

Refugees are young and old; children, teens and adults; parents and single people. But they are also human, so some refugees you meet may be polite and lovely while others may not be.

However, rude or uncivil behavior on their part doesn’t justify discriminating against them or withholding ...

Empower Them

If you’re interested in directly helping refugees, make them part of the design and delivery of any services. Not only will it improve what you’re doing, it will also address the unequal power dynamic that exists in aid efforts when refugees are not allowed input.

In addition, including ref...

There aren’t many organizations that are led by refugees for refugees, so when you find one, try to support it in any ways you can. Set up a monthly donation, volunteer your skills, and tell everyone you know about it.

One of the biggest threats to refugees fleeing conflict are the hostile policies that have become the norm.

From legalizing pushbacks at the border in Poland to the criminalizing of those seeking asylum in the UK, refugees have fled some of the worst situations created by h...



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